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Re: RFS: nautilus-image-manipulator

> I have used pbuilder, and it seems to me that all needed build
> dependencies are correctly addressed.

< snip >

> That's due to the Lintian version I have on my Ubuntu 10.04
> workstation, which is not the most recent (2.3.4ubuntu2). What are the
> consequences of not running the latest version of Lintian? How do we
> go about this? Should I have sid in a VM somewhere to package my
> software?

You should always build in sid and check with lintian from sid. With
pbuilder that should be fairly simple. As far as I understand this does
not involve any VM, just an automatically generated chroot.

> Regarding your other comment:
>   * You have an unwanted patch in debian/patches which was automatically
>     added by the 3.0 (quilt) source format
> This patch gets created automatically when running debuild, because
> the .pot file gets generated again. How can I prevent this, and is it
> a big problem (after all, the .mo files need to be compiled before
> packaging, so I'm not sure this should be a problem).

Remove it in your clean target and it will not get included in the
patch. Make the patch as clean as possible, that is easier for review.

> As a side note, should the .pot (translation template) be included in
> the binary package? It is currently not.

If the translations work without it, there is no need.


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