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Re: RFS: micro-inetd (updated package)

fredag den 29 april 2011 klockan 15:30 skrev Jakub Wilk detta:
> * David Kalnischkies <kalnischkies+debian@gmail.com>, 2011-04-29, 14:56:
>>> The package is orphaned, the upstream author is infamous for ignoring 
>>> a handful of network source packages, so there is no hope of him ever 
>>> repairing this seriously broken software.
>> Feel free to ignore that as i am as a non-d{d,m} unable to help you
>> in the sponsor-business, but isn't a "hostile upstream" not a good
>> reason for removal instead of adopting?
> s/hostlie/dead for many years/ AFAICS.
> But yes, with popcon ~15 and existing better alternatives (socat),  
> removing it sounds like a good idea.

Well, 'micro-inetd' links agains libc. Full stop. Period. End!

'socat' brings in heavy dependencies: libreadline, libwrap, libssl.
It is not an entirely trivial decision to remove 'micro-inetd' in
favour of the heavy artillery in 'socat'.

The option of letting the Debian package for 'micro-inetd' be the
de-facto upstream source does come to mind. This is exactly the
way we presently maintain 'ftp' and 'ftpd', for which I personally
am the de-facto upstream, both being dead in the original upstream.
Then again, these two packages play in a different game division
compared to 'micro-inetd', so the removal is a true option for the
minute package 'micro-inetd'.

Best regards,
  Mats Erik Andersson, DM

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