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(done) Re: RFS: hashalot (updated) .menu and .desktop files [Probably Spam] - Chatting online Re: alpine_1.0+dfsg-2_source.changes REJECTED Desm S.A. Newsletter No61 DocBook documentation format FTBFS due to upgrade/bug in build-dependency good evening GREETINGS FROM GHANA handling nostrip and noopt with CDBS. how to dh_install exclude filename ? Re: how to dh_install exclude filename ? How to have automated versionning with the php5-cli (=XXX) | php5-cgi (=XXX) | libapache2-mod-php5 (=XXX) ifeq in an if statement iolanguage packaging Re: ITR: varkon (updated package) Re: ITR: wicrawl Re: libcwd: one or two packages? libdbi Debian packages lighttpd1.5 Missing descriptions on Need some advice on udev new lisaac package NMA-process Package clobbering packaging advice and eventually RFS: osmo parallel building without make Please ignore... python-osd (adopted package) Reopening an ITP or opening a new one? RFS/RFC: bibutils; convert bibliographic data between formats RFS: (updated package) Re: RFS: (updated package):wq RFS: alml 2005.01.01-3 RFS: Another QA Upload -- amavis-stats RFS: avant-window-navigator 0.2.1 RFS: azr3-jack RFS: blimp RFS: btk-core RFS: bubbros (aka bub-n-bros) RFS: bulletml (updated package) RFS: caudium (updated package) RFS: dblatex: long term / current release 0.2.8-3 RFS: falcon package (ITP:Bug#460591) RFS: falcon package (ITP:Bug#460591); source package RFS: fontypython RFS: gcin (updated package) RFS: gcin (updated package) RFS: gcin (updated package) RFS: gitstats: statistics generator for git repositories RFS: gnash (updated package) Re: RFS: gnome-color-chooser RFS: gnomecatalog Re: RFS: gnomecatalog (uploaded) Re: RFS: gthumb (updated and adopted package) RFS: hashalot (updated) Re: RFS: inkblot RFS: kalgebra RFS: keynav (ITP: #431634) RFS: kzenexplorer (updated package) RFS: ladr and prover9-manual (updated package) RFS: libcrypt-dsa-perl RFS: libdtmx{,-dev,-utils} RFS: libhugetlbfs Re: RFS: libopenraw -- free implementation for RAW decoding RFS: libowfat (NMU update) RFS: libsetproctitle RFS: libthai 0.1.9-2 (updated package) RFS: libxml++2.6 (updated package) RFS: line6-usb RFS: linux-patch-grsecurity2 (updated package) RFS: mediatomb - UPnP MediaServer RFS: mediatomb -- UPnP MediaServer RFS: mg (updated package) Re: RFS: mirmon RFS: mscore -- Full featured WYSIWYG score editor RFS: mustang Re: RFS: mustang, btk-core RFS: mysqltcl 3.03-1 (updated package) RFS: nettee RFS: odtwriter RFS: openjpeg RFS: osmo RFS: papercut (updated package and new maintainer) RFS: pidgin-rhythmbox (try 2) RFS: piklab (updated package) RFS: plr 1: RFS: poco (updated package) [2nd try] RFS: poco (updated package) [3rd try] RFS: poco (updated package) [4th try] RFS: pydict (Updated package) RFS: python-osd (updated package) RFS: QA Upload - grokking-the-gimp RFS: QA Upload -- bazaar-docs RFS: QA Upload -- oo2c - Massive restructuring RFS: QA Uploads RFS: qterm (updated package) RFS: rafb RFS: scim-array (ITP: #452867) RFS: -- Another orphaned game. (Try two) RFS: smplayer - complete front-end for MPlayer RFS: spacechart (updated package) RFS: sshproxy RFS: stardata-common (updated package) RFS: tclcurl 7.17.1-1 (updated package) RFS: tcng (updated) (1 RC, 3 non-RC bugs) RFS: terminator RFS: thailatex (updated package) RFS: Thousand Parsec packages. RFS: ttf-breip (updated package) RFS: ttf-summersby (updated package) RFS: uncrustify RFS: Updated package: liblinux-kernelsort-perl RFS: vttest - test compatibility of terminals RFS: wdg-offline-validator ( html syntax checker ) RFS: wicrawl RFS: wordgrinder RFS: xf86-input-tslib (xserver-xorg-input-tslib) RFS: yaskkserv Re: RFS: zynaddsubfx SONAME support SONAME vs illegal package name Sponsor for existing libapache-mod-* packages. test Ubuntu Package for Debian Unidentified subject! Unused libraries copyrigths Using symbols files Video poker and much more games The last update was on 11:17 GMT Thu Dec 15. There are 468 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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