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Re: alpine_1.0+dfsg-2_source.changes REJECTED

On 12/01/2008, Bernhard R. Link wrote:
> While a minimal chroot is good to test against missing
> build-dependencies, a full real-world system is needed to test for
> missing build-conflicts or configure switches to disable specific
> autodetections.


> So when you get disparities between a package build in a pure unstable
> environment and on a buildd or a minimal chroot, that is not a bug in
> the process but a bug in the package, which would not be catched when
> only using buildds.

Well, no. A “pure unstable environment” on a development box can have
various configuration tweaks, differing from the defaults shipped with
the packages, and that can impact the built binaries.

> > disparities between (build-)dependencies' versions in case the
> > package stays in NEW for some time.
> disparities can also happen with differently fast buildds or just by
> the differences of the different architectures. Things should be able
> to work with this.

Maybe trying to limit these disparities might be interesting…

> and then arguing how stupid those reasons are. And for source only
> uploads please take a look at Ubuntu. I really hope we do not want to
> go that path and up with totally unuseable packages (in the sense of
> can't possibly ever do the single thing that package is there for)
> ending up in stable releases.

I don't see how requesting to have a binary along the source package
ensures it has been tested, that upgrades and transitions are OK, etc.

> > About the above: it's not like i386 is a rare architecture and it
> > isn't possible to find some machines that could act as build
> > daemons.
> There is a i386 buildd. Quite some people are uploading amd64
> packages. I personally usually only upload sparc binaries with my
> sources. Sometimes the i386 buildd makes problems, sometimes another
> buildd. Nothing specific with i386 here.

Having a single point of failure is i386-specific as far as I can tell.
Testing migration suffered from that. Are you saying that redundancy is
totally useless and that one should just not care about it?

Cyril Brulebois

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