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RFS: pidgin-rhythmbox (try 2)

I am looking for a sponsor for my package
"pidgin-rhythmbox". This is a plugin for the pidgin instant
messenger client which lets you display the song currently
playing in rhythmbox in your user status.

Package Name    : pidgin-rhythmbox
Version         : 2.0-1
Upstream author : Jon Oberheide <jon at oberheide dot org>
URL             : <http://jon.oberheide.org/projects/pidgin-rhythmbox/>
Licence         : GPL v2
Section         : gnome

This will be the first upload of this package to the
archive. It builds a single binary package
"pidgin-rhythmbox". It's lintian/linda clean for sid's
packages and builds via pdebuild.

This is my second call for a sponsor[1]. Since the last
call, I have bumped the standards version and reworked the
build system a little bit so that the state after a call to
debian/rules clean is the same a freshly unpacked and
patched tarball.

The package can be found here:


[1] <http://lists.debian.org/debian-mentors/2007/06/msg00300.html>

Many thanks,

Jon Dowland

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