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RFS: gitstats: statistics generator for git repositories


I am looking for a sponsor for my package 'gitstats'.

  Package name     : gitstats
  Version          : 0.0~git-20080116
  Upstream author  : Heikki Hokkanen <hoxu@users.sf.net>
  URL              : http://gitstats.sourceforge.net/
  License          : GPL v2
  Programming Lang : Python
  Section          : devel
  ITP              : http://bugs.debian.org/440392
  Description      : Statistics for git repositories

GitStats is a statistics generator for git repositories. It examines the
repository and produces some interesting statistics from the history.

The package can be found at http://43-1.org/~ansgar/gitstats/.

This is my first package, any feedback is welcome.


PGP: 1024D/595FAD19  739E 2D09 0969 BEA9 9797  B055 DDB0 2FF7 595F AD19

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