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Re: iolanguage packaging

Bernhard R. Link wrote:

 - for a small amount of files I'd say it is normaly safe to ignore it
   (though that does not seem to be the case here)
Unfortunately not, it's more than 6 megs of data.

 - put parts with architecture-independent data to /usr/share and
   symlink them. That is what usually takes the last efford and when
   directories are at least locally consistent (like images in a
   images subdir) can be relatively good. Having to sort things on
   a per-file basis can be ugly, though...
All resources are located in a proper sub-directory so I can easily put
a symlink in place. This is probably what I'll do.

[ Duplicate font files ]
I think in this case it would be
really be best if there was a way to have the global fonts used without
having to create symlinks, as I guess symlinks might easily break in
the long run.
I agree, the best way would be not accessing fonts by file name at all,
but instead using fontconfig. I am also worried about introducing
dependencies to file names in font packages by symlinking to them.
Thinking about it, maybe the best thing would be to simply put the fonts
into the -data package for now.

It depends on whether I can get away with it ;-)

Thanks a lot for your answer!

Jonas Eschenburg

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