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Re: Using symbols files

David Paleino wrote:

> Hi all,
> one of my packages, libopenraw, has just been uploaded to NEW. My sponsor
> (lucab, thanks Luca!) noted that I should've read [1] and [2], to write proper
> symbols files.
> Unfortunately, I've not been able to fully understand how to implement this.
> Can anyone give some help? That would be appreciated :p

The thing is that very few packages are using this right now, and I remember
someone asking in debian-devel for early adopters to write a set of guidelines,
but nothing has come out yet. 

I should note that apparently it takes some work to get the new dependencies
working, and that currently only packages with *lots* of reverse dependencies
(such as glibc) have it implemented. I personally wouldn't bother for a new


  Felipe Sateler

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