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Re: RFS: inkblot

Uploaded new version. It's based on the one that actually made it into the 
Ubuntu archive, so some of the comments have been addressed when passing 

Some comments:
- CDBS is now used and debian/rules is very simple, so the comments about 
dh_make comments, configure call, DEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE and DESTDIR are now 
- The homepage in debian/copyright and debian/control is now the same, thanks 
for pointing it out.
- Concerning machine-parseable information in debian/copyright, I've never 
seen anyone use that, and didn't even know that such a specification existed. 
Are there any real packages actually using it? I don't think it's a blocker.
- I agree that debian/copyright is cluttered, but it was a request made on 
REVU to include copyright information even for autotools helper files. I 
think being more verbose than necessary is better than being less verbose. :)
- The lintian warning for debian/copyright has been fixed during REVU process, 
but thanks for pointing it out anyway.

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