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iolanguage packaging

Dear mentors,

I am currently working (together with Danya Alexeyevsky) on Debian packages for a nice little programming language called Io (<http://www.iolanguage.com/>, ITP #454970). [*]

This is the first set of packages which I intend to officially add to Debian. As it is also a rather big package, I've been spending a lot of time with fixing various lintian and linda warnings. I'd be glad if you could provide me with a little info and your opinions about the following problem.

Io can be extended by addons. Addons can contain Io code, or a shared library, or even their own resources. The Io interpreter expects addons to have a fixed folder structure, with the root folder having the name of the addon. The io interpreter will search for addons in /usr/lib/io/addons/, but other folders can be added at runtime.

There are three main problems I am experiencing:

  1. Some addons' shared libraries have dependencies to other addons.
     Naturally, shared libraries in
     /usr/lib/io/addons/SomeAddon/_build/dll won't be found by the
     linker, so those libraries contain RPATH entries. I am aware of
     the RPATH issue but I didn't an easy solution to this problem. The
     only thing I could do was to make the RPATH entries relative
     (using $ORIGIN). Is that an acceptable solution?
  2. Flux, an OpenGL-based GUI addon, contains a lot of image and font
     resources. Those, of course, end up in /usr/lib and produce
     lintian warnings such as "image-file-in-usr-lib". What am I
     supposed to do about it? The design of putting code and data into
     the same addon directory is not 'broken', it just differs from FHS
  3. The same addon contains .ttf files from various free fonts like
     Vera. Those files are duplicates of the files in the corresponding
     Debian packages, but they're renamed and put into a special folder
     structure. Is it a) necessary to replace those files by symlinks
     and b) can that be done automatically?

Thanks in advance for your responses!

Jonas Eschenburg

[*] Package sources can be retrieved with "darcs get http://tnlgame.net/darcs/iolanguage-debian/";. Binary x86 packages and sources downloadable at <http://tnlgame.net/downloads/io/>

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