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[no subject] 'testing' packages under 'stable' /dev/urandom and /dev/random /etc/mail/virtusertable becomes case *sensitive* after upgrade from Sendmail 8.12.0 to 8.12.1 /usr/lib/base-config & templates ? 2.4 -ac kernels with Adrian Bunk's potato packages? 2.4.13 kernel issue? /dev/null flags reset to 600 419 (not 411) scam (was Re: VERY UEGENT BUSINESS) <광고>패티쉬메니아님들 희소식 Re: [Emu10k1-tools-devel] Re: emu10k1 for debian Re: [hpoj-devel] Re: Bug#116772: hpoj-devel] hpoj: failed to build on m68k. RE: [hpoj-devel] Re: Bug#116772: hpoj: failed to build on m68k. Re: [ RE: Application for Enterprise-number (9586)] [ITA] Intent To Adopt Phylib Re: [ITA] Intent To Adopt Readseq Re: [OT attempt at humor] Re: how to fight back against Michael Bramer's [OT attempt at humor] Re: how to fight back against Michael Bramer's spam [OT: Perl Configure] (was Re: autoconf/configure information sources?) [OT] Re: more debian [RFC] Hits/directions to using autoconf and friends in Debian Re: [ Re: Apache] [unstable] Screen About Citadel/UX about to remove init.d script from ipchains add ddts mailing list and other permissions... Advice requested with tricky dependencies in records.deb ALSA 0.9: Nothing is compiled for it Re: AMD related AN: new ntop beta packages Fwd: Re: And for my next trick (Tue, Oct 23, 2001 at 02:48:19PM +0200) Anybody have experience debugging XMMS plugins? apache2: clearing the air [please read] apt not supporting 301 responses? apt, missing fields in available file apt-get and downloading more than one file at a time apt-get dist-upgrade on woody: a few gotchas Re: apt-get source: bug or feature? Re: Archive server down for upgrade arm architecture? autoconf/configure information sources? automake 1.5 automake 1.5 - statistics invade bad upgrade from talkd to ktalkd ... whose bug? BATIMAT2001 Time:10:50:21 biglietti da visita!!! Re: bind9-chroot (was: questions on ITP) binutils- more strict on i386 Blocked Message Bogus MD5Sum line Boost Re: BRLTTY .deb pack? Re: Bug in bash Re: Bug#112612: unreproducable, but grave bug Bug#114116: ITP: webrt2 -- Ticket tracking system Bug#114161: ITP: kftgt -- forward Kerberos 4 tickets over telnet Bug#114191: ITP: wmbatppc -- a battery monitor for Apple G3/G4 ibooks/powerbooks Bug#114261: ITP: libfile-cache-perl -- File::Cache, a filesystem-based object store Bug#114324: ITP: GNUYahoo - Console based Yahoo messenger client with a geeky "readline" and "guile" interface Bug#114336: ITP: xpostit-i18n -- simple postit program on X with I18N support Bug#114399: ITP: texinfo documentation for Perl Bug#114467: ITP: sylpheed-claws -- a bleeding edge branch of sylpheed (Gtk+-based mail client) Bug#114536: ITP: xtradius -- Free radius server implementation. Re: Bug#114593: console-tools has priority required, depends on important pkgs Bug#114631: ITP: bubblefishymon -- A load meter for Window Maker that features a duck and fish Bug#114635: ITP: libpoe-component-client-dns-perl -- a DNS client component for POE Bug#114670: RFA: w3c-libwww(-ssl) Re: Bug#114737: libbusiness-onlinepayment-authorizenet-perl: Please provide a useful long description!! Bug#114739: RFP: demish -- build a Debian mirror containing only your favourite packages Bug#114910: ITP: python-id3 -- a Python module for id3-tags manipulation Bug#114911: ITP: python-cddb -- a Python interface to CD-ID's and FreeDB Re: Bug#114920: [PROPOSAL] remove foolish consistency in perl module names Bug#114992: ITP: Myricom GM Message Passing System Bug#115061: ITP: jack -- rip and encode CDs with one command Bug#115071: ITP: ntaim -- curses-based AIM client Bug#115256: ITP: mpatrol -- A powerful library for debugging memory allocations Bug#115267: wnpp: ITP: pyne -- A Python-GTK powered X mailer Bug#115276: Bug#115276: marked as done () Bug#115346: ITP: xmltools -- Two Gtk XML widgets for use with python Bug#115368: ITP: xmlrpclib -- Python implementation of the XML-RPC protocol Bug#115480: ITP: Agenda VR tools -- sync and flash utilities for the Agenda Bug#115555: ITP: ttf-larabie-{straight,deco,crazy} -- ttf fonts from Bug#115565: ITP: kfocus -- Project management program for KDE Bug#115609: ITP: razorback -- Snort Intrusion Detection Front-End for GNOME Bug#115633: ITP: kernel-internals-guide -- Linux Kernel 2.4 Internals Guide Bug#115693: ITP: moosic -- Daemon/client combo to easily queue music files for playing Bug#115812: Acknowledgement (ITP: iesperanto esperanto dictionary for ispell) Bug#115907: ITP: vortex -- an implementation of Cecil, a pure OO language with multimethods Bug#115984: Info received (was update-rc.d sequence number for hpoj (HP OfficeJet Linux driver)) Re: Bug#115984: update-rc.d sequence number for hpoj (HP OfficeJet Linux driver) Bug#115989: general: log rotate script for apache does not work properly when Including Directories Bug#116001: ITP: libpcsc-perl -- Perl interface to the PCSC smart card library Bug#116029: Acknowledgement (Subject: RFA: oops -- a lightweight but powerful proxy cache waiting for adopt) Bug#116157: ITP: mpqc -- The Massively Parallel Quantum Chemistry Program Bug#116293: ITP: quickrecord-applet -- GNOME applet to perform one click audio recording Bug#116304: ITP: pcsc-tools -- Some tools to be used with smart cards and PC/SC Bug#116326: ITP: python-warp-framework -- a Python application framework, primarily for Zope applications Bug#116327: ITP: zope-messages -- a zope mail (web mail) client Bug#116359: ITP: apron -- An MPEG player running in a text-console Bug#116363: ITP: lbreakout2 -- The successor to lbreakout Bug#116400: ITP: aa3d -- An ASCII art stereogram generator Bug#116612: [ITP]: xml-resume-library -- A set of tools for writing a resume in XML Bug#116633: ITP: ebook-dev-alp -- Advanced Linux Programming Re: Bug#116727: How to go about transition in libexpat1 RE: Bug#116772: [hpoj-devel] Re: Bug#116772: hpoj: failed to buil d on m68k. RE: Bug#116772: [hpoj-devel] Re: Bug#116772: hpoj: failed to buil d on m68k. Re: Bug#116772: [hpoj-devel] Re: Bug#116772: hpoj: failed to buil d on m68k. Re: Bug#116772: [hpoj-devel] Re: Bug#116772: hpoj: failed to buil d on m68k. Re: Bug#116772: [hpoj-devel] Re: Bug#116772: hpoj: failed to build on m68k. Re: Bug#116772: hpoj-devel] hpoj: failed to build on m68k. Re: Bug#116772: hpoj: failed to build on m68k. Bug#116791: ITP: librexml-ruby, pure-Ruby XML parser supporting Namespaces & XPath Bug#116890: RFP: flash for mozilla/galeon Bug#117041: ITP: libpoe-component-jobqueue-perl -- POE component to manage queues and worker pools Re: Bug#117094 acknowledged by developer (Re: Bug#117094: X no longer starts up) Re: Bug#117094: acknowledged by developer (Re: Bug#117094: X no longer starts up) Bug#117123: ITP: iprint -- Trivial command-line integer print utility Bug#117124: ITP: dbench -- The dbench (disk) and tbench (TCP) benchmarks Bug#117194: ITP: bfr - nonblocking 8-bit-clean pipe buffer Bug#117264: ITP: libsdl-ruby - Ruby/SDL is the Ruby extension library to use SDL Bug#117296: ITP: trafstats -- gather and store traffic information into an SQL database. Bug#117399: ITP: prestimel -- Tool to create presentations from a XML-file Bug#117441: ITP: ifd-GemPC -- PC/SC drivers for Gemplus serial and USB smart cards readers Bug#117456: ITP: w9wm -- A window manager built on top of 9wm Bug#117507: ITP: libglibwww1 -- glibwww is a gnome addition to libwww0|libwww-ssl0 Bug#117510: ITP: ttthreeparser -- Parser for the TTCN-3 test specification language Bug#117657: ITP: flawfinder -- examines source code and look for security weaknesses Bug#117663: ITP: xmakemol -- A program for visualizing atomic and molecular systems Bug#117699: ITP: yehia -- C++ plugin framework Bug#117803: general: right libexpat missing Bug#117821: O: xmbase-grok -- Graphical Resource Organizer Kit Bug#117839: [ITP]: scribus -- a free software desktop publishing program Bug#72941: marked as done (non-free packages should have special info in description) Re: Build-depend on lame.h buildd log questions Re: building a sponsored package Re: Building against testing is good Building against testing is good (was: Propossed Project: Odyssey) Building OOo The last update was on 19:23 GMT Wed Aug 07. 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