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Re: arm architecture?

On Mon 08 Oct 2001, Paul Slootman wrote:
> I sent a message to debian-admin last week asking for a couple of
> packages to be installed on one of the debian arm systems so that I
> could compile isdnutils myself, but I've got zero response :-(

I was informed by Joey that in fact a response was given within the
hour; unfortunately that response was cc'ed to
debian-admin@lists.debian.org, which meant that it got trapped by my
mailing list filter and diverted to ~/Mail/debian-admin-in (which of
course I don't check...)  FYI, this is my .forward :

if foranyaddress $h_to:,$h_cc: ( $thisaddress matches "security@debian.org" )
	save Mail/security-in
elif foranyaddress $h_X-Mailing-List:,$h_to:,$h_cc: ( $thisaddress matches "([a-z0-9.-]+)@lists.debian.org" )
	save Mail/$1-in

isdnutils has now been built and uploaded for arm, hopefully it can now
proceed to testing.

Paul Slootman

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