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Bug#117663: ITP: xmakemol -- A program for visualizing atomic and molecular systems

Package: xmakemol
Severity: wishlist
License: gpl
Upstream: http://vegemite.chem.nott.ac.uk/~xmakemol
PackageURI: http://people.debian.org/~mbanck/debs
Description: A program for visualizing atomic and molecular systems
 XMakemol is a mouse-based program for viewing and manipulating atomic
 and molecular systems. It reads .xyz input and can view bond lengths,
 angles and animations. Export formats are XYZ input and renders
 atoms, bonds and hydrogen bonds.
 Features include:
   - Animating multiple frame files
   - Interactive measurement of bond lengths, bond angles and torsion
   - Control over atom/bond sizes
   - Exporting to Xpm, Encapsulated PostScript and XYZ formats
   - Toggling the visibility of groups of atoms
   - Editing the positions of subsets of atoms

First of all, is this enumberation style for the Features correct? I
always wondered and couln't find information in the policy.

Seconds, I plan to split the source into two packages, xmakemol and
xmakemol-gl, the latter being the OpenGL enabled version. This is added
to the above description for xmakemol-gl:

 This is the OpenGL-enabled XMakemol package. The images are rendered
 using true 3D graphics primitives, and can be exported using the Xpm
 format; red/blue stereo images can also be produced. The OpenGL package
 provides more display options, along with better support for displaying
 vectors. Ellipses can also be rendered.

Is this a worthwhile thing to do? The package works fine without OpenGL,
but it would add some visual improvements.

Next, should I rather classify xmakemol in Section: science, viewers or

If nobody objects, I will upload to unstable in a couple of days.


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