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Re: apache2: clearing the air [please read]

Erik Steffl wrote:
>   in the end, it does not matter whether it's administrator who creates
> virtual hosts or debian - if they are against debian policy (or do not
> conform to standard file system layout) it's bad (think about it, we
> don't have policy for policy's sake, we have it for a reason).

That's really not the case. The administrator of a system is free and
welcome to do anything they like to it, whether it conforms with policy
or not. They don't have to even know anything about policy. Our task is
just to provide a system that does reasonable things by default and that
doesn't get in their way. We have policy to make debian a
self-consistent, well-engineered system, not to tie sysadmin's hands.

All debian-admin maintained machines have a /org/ directory in the
root. This "violates" FHS and debian policy. This does not mean that
debian-admin don't know what they're doing or are doing something bad.

http://www.debian.org/doc does not point to the /usr/doc directory, even
though policy says it should. This is not wrong; there is a more
important thing to use /doc for on that we site.

I have my web document root in /home/pub for my main system, and have a
very oddly configured virtual host. My system is still 100% policy
compliant.  And I'm not going to change my setup just because debian
comes up with some all-encompassing vhost setup.

>   there has to be a way to create virtual hosts - if debian policy
> currently does not allow it (does not mention virtual hosts (and as
> other pointed out it's not only about web servers)) the policy has got
> to change (I don't say that what apache2 team did is the best solution).

Policy does not have to mention every niggly little thing.

see shy jo

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