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Re: apache2: clearing the air [please read]

Previously Daniel Stone wrote:
> True. The discussion was made on debian-apache in the belief that we
> weren't violating policy. If we were, please correct me and I'll either
> propose the relevant amendment, or, if you need to be a DD (which is
> most likely the case), then I'll seek someone to do it on my behalf.

Look at section 12.5 of the current policy document.

> Theoretically it's an inetd-type architecture with an httpd module
> *shrug*.

So it is a webserver.

> Why do you do that? What's the point? Why not just have everything
> unified under /var/www? Makes a lot more sense to me. (BTW, I believe
> Debian's are under /org/foo.bar.baz).

I won't go into that discussion, feel free to read the fhs-discuss
archives where we've had that discussion way too often in the last
few years already.

Also note that www is a misnomer: you can do a large number of things
over http that have nothing to do with www at all. Consider something
like subversion for example (http://subversion.tigris.org/). You
also seem to imply that apache2 could theoretically do more then just
http, which makes /var/www an even worse name.


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