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Re: Bug#115061: ITP: jack -- rip and encode CDs with one command

On Tue, 9 Oct 2001, Michael Banck wrote:

> On a related note: Is it feasable to create a virtual 'mp3-encoder'
> package? This would change jack's control from 'Recommends: vorbis-tools'
> to 'Depends: $DEPENDS, vorbis-tools | mp3-encoder' which looks much
> cleaner IMO. Of course, using ogg/vorbis should be encouraged, but
> a lot of users depends on mp3 for their portable players etc.
> There are some mp3-encoders out there who can't be in the debian
> archive, but are packaged locally nevertheless. They could provide
> 'mp3-encoder' and thus other mp3-encoding software could be packaged.

Just default to Ogg and add a dependency on vorbis-tools. It's not sure
that a locally installed MP3 encoder package built by anyone anywhere does
provide mp3-encoder (if it's a Debian package - and I bet most people have
their MP3 encoder simply installed under /usr/local).

BTW: That's also what abcde (another program that does the same as jack)

> regards,
> Michael



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