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Re: apt not supporting 301 responses?

bryan@visi.com said:
> Does apt give a sane error message that would help track down the
> problem, or does it generically complain it can't find the files?  If
> it gave an error message with the reply from the server I'd say leave
> it alone.  One NEEDS to get the urls updated in the configuration
> file.  What happens after a while when the original server with the
> redirects goes away?  Then the user has no idea where the packages
> went.  I don't think it should follow the redirects.  It should inform
> the user of the redirects and let the user update the configuration
> file.

What about the case where the redirect is used as an unchanging alias,
and points to whereever the real archive is hosted?  That's the
situation with pureftpd.org pointing to pureftpd.sourceforge.net. The
apt archive I maintain on sourceforge has to be referred to as
pureftpd.sourceforge.net, despite the fact that it may not always be on
sourceforge. The domain pureftpd.org, on the other hand, will always
point to the right place.

Speaking of which, I'm only an Advocate away from being able to start
the new maintainer process. Anyone wanting to do that or sponsor my
packages at http://pureftpd.sourceforge.net/debian/ should get in touch.


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