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Re: 2.4 -ac kernels with Adrian Bunk's potato packages?

#include <hallo.h>
Russell Coker wrote on Wed Oct 31, 2001 um 04:40:05PM:

> > Sorry, that is not true: look in drivers/block/rd.c - in upstream
> > source, the cramfs is not included in the list of autodetected
> > filesystems. The needed modification is trivial, no idea why kernel guys
> > droped the support.
> More than that is needed.  Make merely that change and the result will not be 
> a system that is able to boot with a cramfs initrd.

Eh, what?

> Also once you get it working the kernel will still give errors if you mount a 
> cramfs file system on a running machine (instead of having it only mount 
> during the boot process).

Eh, what are you talking about? Which errors? The only bug is the missing
cramfs detection in the initrd code. I cannot see why this should make
later mount ability fail in any way.

> But when you have cramfs working you'll find that it results in larger initrd 
> images than using romfs and offers no benefits.

Eh, what? The C in CramFS means compression. I did not know that any
other common filesystem in 2.4 supports compression, do you? So why
should it make larger images? I did allready hack mkinitrd to use
genromfs, but I ended up with too big initrd images.

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