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Re: automake 1.5

On Mon, Oct 08, 2001 at 12:12:36PM +0200, Denis Barbier wrote:


> > 
> > i'm talking for curl[-ssll] packages:
> > 
> > i put automake in Build-Depends because of its ability to make
> > generated makefiles call itself. i started using versioned depends
> > because on transition to autoconf 2.50 i though automake changed
> > in another beast too.
> But those files cannot be regenerated because of wrong timestamps induced
> by applying .diff.gz.
> Your patch do modify aclocal.m4, config* and Makefile.in files, so you
> cannot rely on automatic rebuilding of those files and need to call the
> auto-chain explicitly.

i keep almost all of my packages under cvs and i can see that sometimes,
after the first debuild, all my Makefile.in get modified. then, usually,
i decide to call libtoolize;aclocal;automake;autoconf; right to be sure
everything is up-to-date. then i put automake/autoconf in Build-Depends to
be sure that those strange users (the autobuilders :) ) install everything
that might be required for build.

i never liked this way of build packages, i think that all the Makefile.in-s
should stay as the upstream gives to me, but some upstreams work on
broken systems or on out-dated ones IMHO.

i have two other packages that build all from scratch calling libtoolize;
automake; autoconf; right from the upstream configuration script, they do
not even ship with this stuff, so i have to depend on

btw: cvs gets confused by changes made in Makefile.in-s by automake (and of
course the ones in ./configure made by autoconf and all the other made by
aclocal, libtoolize) and it tries to apply them also when i import a new
upstream version. the result is some extra work by hand (i hate it).

i would be very very happy to solve this problem and i would be very
thankful towards anybody suggesting a solution.

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