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apt-get dist-upgrade on woody: a few gotchas


Just a brief report on my experience with a woody upgrade coming from stable
install on a new laptop. I started with debian potato cds (2.2r3: all
component but servers installed) and updated via http.debian to
woody/testing. Here are the few caveats with some packages that I got while
doing this clean upgrade using the apt-get dist-upgrade command :

- balsa and eeyes packages won't install directly and will report an error.
These two packages while trying to install stop the upgrade (even with the
force flag.) Workaround: I did an apt-get install balsa separatly then
things could continue (even eeyes went thru by just installing balsa. Is it
an install problem or a package problem?)
- Not all packages could be installed with the apt-get update/apt-get
dist-upgrade. I'm not really proficient with apt-get. But there are two
packages on hold (linuxconf and debian-policy which I also had to install

Next, I went back to dselect to visualize the packages and finish things up.
Some packages (about 35) would not just upgrade with apt-get dist-upgrade
and I needed to get them with dselect (is dselect running apt-get upgrade or

While in dselect, I found a few dependencies problems while doing this;
- gdb 5.0 is required by ddd but is not available in woody.
- libgc6-dev is required by gobjc-2.5 but only libgc5 is available in woody.

Forcing the install in dselect with Shift-Q on the dependencies screen
continued the installation. I am just not sure that I can use the packages
relying on these depencies (objc comes to mind.)

Doing a dpkg-reconfigure xfree86-common brings the error message:
In file "/usr/lib/menu/xterm", at (or in the definition that ends at) line
[...]mulator for X with unicode support" title=XTerm (Unicode)
Expected: "="

These various problems I came across may be old news for some people on this
list. I was just wondering if anyone has ran into these while doing an
dist-upgrade made on a fresh potato install lately. I remember having done
an apt-get dist-upgrade on potato before doing one on woody in the past and
getting into some major problems too.


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