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Re: 2.4 -ac kernels with Adrian Bunk's potato packages?

On Wed, 31 Oct 2001 12:49, Eduard Bloch wrote:
> > > I think you got your source from kernel.org. The vanilla source has
> > > broken initrd. Debianised source packages are fixed, thanks to Herbert
> > > Xu.
> >
> > Vanilla source initrd works fine.  It's cramfs that is broken.  Use
> > romfs, ext2, or minix, instead and it'll work.
> Sorry, that is not true: look in drivers/block/rd.c - in upstream
> source, the cramfs is not included in the list of autodetected
> filesystems. The needed modification is trivial, no idea why kernel guys
> droped the support.

More than that is needed.  Make merely that change and the result will not be 
a system that is able to boot with a cramfs initrd.

Also once you get it working the kernel will still give errors if you mount a 
cramfs file system on a running machine (instead of having it only mount 
during the boot process).

But when you have cramfs working you'll find that it results in larger initrd 
images than using romfs and offers no benefits.

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