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Re: Bug#114737: libbusiness-onlinepayment-authorizenet-perl: Please provide a useful long description!!

Sam Hartman wrote:
> Speaking both as a user and someone who has packaged some perl
> modules, being able to algorithmically know the name of a module if it
> exists in Debian is very useful.  I believe this utility justifies the
> long package names.

See my proposal (when the bug report hits -policy); it addresses this.

> In this particular case, I think talking the upstream into using a
> shorter name might be a good idea though.

Business::OnlinePayment::BankOfAmerica (or whatever) makes perfect sense
as a perl module name. Perl modules tend to have nicely hierierachical
layout and good descriptive names (except for when they don't). If I was
the upstream author of such a module and got such a request, I'd be
quite amused.

see shy jo

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