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Re: BRLTTY .deb pack?

>>>>> "Osvaldo" == Osvaldo La Rosa <olr@audiobraille.org> writes:

    Osvaldo> Could this be a project for the next release (or do all
    Osvaldo> blind have to buy SuSE-Blinux by force? :-) 

I think you are over stating the case.  There are Speakup disks for
Debian, and Emacspeak is packaged and works fairly reasonably.  I
found it fairly easy to grab a disk and install Debian from scratch
without help.

Yes, it would be nice if brltty was packaged.  It would be nice if
there were some software synthesizer integration with Emacspeak that
was packaged.  However, these deficiencies do not mean Debian is
unsuitable for blind users.

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