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Re: Build-depend on lame.h

* Christian Surchi (csurchi@debian.org) wrote:
> I'm working to package MuSe (http://muse.dyne.org) and I know that it
> uses lame (mp3 encoder) to work and optionally vorbis too. It should go
> in contrib now, but it needs lame's include files (lame.h) for example
> to build, so in debian you can't satisfy its build-depends. What should
> I do? 

Beware -- lame's data structures change between versions (it wasn't
originally designed to be compatible across versions). Unless you can
guarantee that you'll link with the exact same version as the header
file, it won't work. I've been bit by this before.


Joshua Haberman  <joshua@haberman.com>

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