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Re: Bug in bash

On Mon, Oct 01, 2001 at 11:24:09PM -0400, Roderick Schertler wrote:

> This turns out not to be the case.  POSIX[1] says that echo does handle
> the \ escapes, and doesn't honor -n.  Neither bash nor ash (both invoked
> as sh) behaves quite this way.

Invocation is probably very relevant. Looking at the bash man page:

       When invoked as sh, bash enters
       posix mode after the startup files are read.

       the -e option is given, interpretation of the  fol-
       lowing  backslash-escaped  characters  is  enabled.
       The -E option disables the interpretation of  these
       escape  characters,  even on systems where they are
       interpreted by default.

I can't find any mention of what systems do what by default; presumably
that's determined at compile-time.

The implication being that if it doesn't interpret escapes when invoked
as "sh", it's probably a bug. If it's invoked as "bash", it can do what it
likes, depending on the system.

Or something.



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