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AN: new ntop beta packages

Hi all,

I have created new ntop [1] packages for potato[2] and woody[3].

 ntop is a Network Top program. It displays a summary of network usage by
 machines on your network in a format reminicent of the unix top utility.

Since the current version of ntop in debian is very outdated and
because of some radical changes in the current version I would like to
encourage everybody to test this packages before I upload them to
the archive.

WARNING: These packages are build out of the current CVS Version (11.10.2001)
         wich is declared as BETA software. Especially intop can be
         very buggy.

Upstream changes from ntop 1.3 -> 2.0beta:
- the ntop binary now contains the web interface, if you want the
  old console interface use intop
- ntop can now display the physical location[4] of the host
- many additional features for the web interface

Debian package changes:
- uses debconf for initial configuration
- provides an init script for daemon mode
- runs as user ntop per default (security)

Please test and comment!


[1] http://www.ntop.org
[2] deb http://debian.cobolt.net ntop main
[3] deb http://debian.cobolt.net ntop-woody main
[4] Screenshot of the web-interface showing the
    physical location feature: http://cns.dnsalias.org/location.png
"The Idea Is Good But The World Isn't Ready Yet"

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