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add ddts mailing list and other permissions...


Now we have a bug report (#114535) to make a debian-ddts mailing list.

some personal comments:
 - I don't think this list is really usefull
 - If I understand the Description in the right way, the ddts should
   send notification mails to this list and in this list should the
   ddts coordination take place...
   This is not usefull. I don't count this all, but maybe we have
   >2000 notification per month. IMHO we have only 1000 new german
   translations per month.

   With this we can't make the ddtp coordination on this list.
 - IMHO ddts driven personal notification mails are more usefull.
   (I add some privat infos to the maintainer mails. I can't add this
   in a public list)

The 'Debian Description Translation Project' need: 
 - cgi permission
 - need a CVS for the source
 - and access to a aptable mirror to test the translations and patched
   versions of dpkg and apt
   (we had this on gluck for some times (with permission from
   debian-admin) but a config change and/or a apache update change

If someone can help with this points, please change configs, give
hints, etc..


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