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[no subject] "Cannot find map file" "uname -a" question Re: # login from remote host? 'watching' a file (hamm) /dev/psaux: "device not supported" (Newbye) Debian and XFree86 installed Ok under root... But still a problem... (smail + pine) reply-to? *.gz files -I- Re: mtools: mmove usage sorry, could not help... -I- XDM Works Great.. Thanks! Re: .deb installation .xsession /dev entry for cdu31a device /etc/dhcpd.conf /etc/exports config question /etc/issue, ssltelnet /etc/modules /etc/passwd comment field /sbin/lilo 10/100 Ethernet 19900310 Work-Needing and Prospective Packages 19980302 Work-Needing and Prospective Packages 19980317 Work-Needing and Prospective Packages 19980324 Work-Needing and Prospective Packages 19980331 Work-Needing and Prospective Packages 2 questions 2.0 boot/install disk set Re: 2.0.33 kernel and libc6 dependancies 2.1.XX kernel compile still not going well---ppp 2.1.xx Kernels 3C90X 64 Kbps Leased connection - HELP 80 MB ram in debian system 80M Thanks, and new question :) Re: [Admin] Houston, we have a problem [ADMIN] List Email [ Newbie Alert] Re: [FAQ] Floppy's and "X" [Fwd: OK I'm stupid. How do I get to my floppy and other hard partition?] Re: [hamm] backspace not working in bash in xterm [LILO] [Majordomo] Howto setup? [Motif] RH Motif 2.1 versus lesstif [OFF TOPIC] Netscape/applications [OFF TOPIC] scripting help [off-topic] Iomega Zip Plus through PPA ? [OFF-TOPIC] less with built-in grep ? [off-topic] network setup (was: not only a server, what hardware?) [off-topic] not only a server, what hardware? [OFFTOPIC] Linux Mall spam [Panic] dpkg-ftp upgrade removed required packages [Q] KDE for libc6. motif for libc6 [Q] Mesa + gcc 2.8.1 +libc6 (Linux) Re: [Q] socks-client rftp & rtelnet fails [Q] XDM -- how to reconfigure [Q] Xemacs -- getcw failes Re:[solved] lpr and banner page [SOLVED]Re: Create Special Boot Disks?? [ Re: mail server] AccelX AccelX on Debian Activate Lilo Adding users [useradd] Addition: SMAIL and dynamic IP. [was SOLVED: EXMH can not send e-mail] afterstep aliases trashed All my posts to debian-user bounce Amanda help please. AMD K5, Netscape, netstat & zombies AMD K6 233 Re: AMD K6 233 (2) AMD K6/233 again Anacron isn't logged Another Newbie question any Hardware watchdog experiences Any thoughts on clients-server systems Anybody know how to tell for how long has ppp-if been up? Apache Apache modules and Debian apache/suexec APM HD Powerdown Applixware- user view needed Archiving mails with smail atalkd error Re: atalkd error ??? ATI All-in-Wonder Attn: Newbies Re: Random "Broken Pipe" AudioWave 16 AISA sound card, and sound-card IDE in general automatically set DISPLAY after telnet/rlogin ? Autoup script is dangerous? autoup v0.22 released (finally) Avatar Shark AVI viewer AW: 80 MB ram in debian system AW: converting true-type fonts AW: Help with ftp AWE64, kernel 2.1.91 BackSpace Key backup backup howto needed! Backup solution for Linux backup the win95 registry from Linux Banco de Dados Barcodes Bash 2.01 with bo Best Book for Linux/Unix BIG thanks to all on bash* problem Bitmap files Bizarre unsatisfied link... bo-unstable bash Boot hang and debian hamm boot hangs Boot Installer can't read HD... Help! Boot problems with 1.31 boot/physical security? botched hamm(after freeze) upgrade Bounced mail from debian-user list (?) broken hamm upgrade broken lan broken manpages-dev broken ncurses? Bruce Perens leaving Debian ? Bruce pernes. Bye Bruce C++ & threads crashes c/fdisk report partition overlaps!? Can't get KDE Beta 3 to run on Debian. Cannot correctly print non-ascii files cc1plus Re: cc:Mail Link to SMTP Undeliverable Message cdrom cdrom gone after kernel compile Re: cdrom gone after kernel compile [Solution!] CGI --> Debian/apache ---> Not working CGI --> Debian/apache ---> Not working Why? Why. WHY!!!! Cgi? how to make it work? anyone?, anyone? Re: CHAP (non-MS) authentication problem Re: CHAP (non-MS) authentication problem #2 Re: CNAME records (was: Re: dynamic DNS within a non-dynamic domain) CNAME records (was: Re: dynamic DNS within a non-dynamic domain) command line mixer Commands Communicator and News reading compile error due to libc6 trouble? Compilers Paranoia Compiling Kernel 2.0.32 compiling kernel 2.0.33, libc6-dev Complex lilo setup for starters: use loadlin Re: Compute Farm, Part II (nobody mentioned nfsroot!) contrib, amanda converting true-type fonts copy/paste in xterm Copyright of 1913 Webster's Unabridged Dictionary Correction, not updatedb....find crash & burn win95 splashscreen Create Special Boot Disks?? Cron run-parts /etc/cron.weekly Cross Compilers Once More crt1.c Cursors in X cvs_pserver_setup DE-660 PCMCIA Card problems Deb Testing Group needs test dummies Debian & PGP 5.5.3, importing keys question Debian 2.0 unstable Debian and Pgp w/ RSA support? Debian article on Debian awareness.. Debian distribution Debian Hamm & Dselect Debian install source (Was Re: Yikes, sorry.) Debian Linux & Cross Compiling Debian Linux Problem The last update was on 09:58 GMT Sun May 19. There are 3065 messages. Page 1 of 7.

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