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Re: AccelX on Debian

Jonas Bofjall <job@abc.se> writes:

> After the AccelX installation however, none of the previously installed
> X-programs works. Upon startup they give a `floating point exception'
> and then dies. Not even xdm works.
> I think the problem is related to X-lib, because running the programs
> without a valid $DISPLAY will *not* cause the error. Compiling
> programs from scratch does not work.

I'm running AccelX 4.1 with debian 1.3.1. After some problems it works

1. I had to install termcap-compat for the setup program that comes
with the server.

2. I had to purge all of the Xfree stuff. Those libraries have higher
version numbers than the libraries AccelX provides, thus they get
linked automatically at boot to the generic names instead of the
AccelX ones. Make sure there is nothing left on your system Xfree
provides, and then reinstall AccelX.


libXext.so --> libXext.so.6.3          wrong!
libXext.so --> libXext.so.6.1         correct!

Nils Ackermann

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