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Re: Can't get KDE Beta 3 to run on Debian.

Sergio.Lopes@mail.telepac.pt (Sérgio Lopes) writes:

> Hi there!
> First i want to say that i'm a newbie in linux, and a newbie in this
> mailing list. :)
> My problem is that i can't get KDE (beta 3) to run on my Debian 1.3,
> when i execute ./startkde it says "cannot connect to the X Server",
> can anyone help me with this? I have all the environmental variables
> set right, i also have tried AfterStep and it says "can't get
> display" :-/

Edit your .xinitrc file to contain:


and run your X as usual with startx.  startkde do *not* start X11 but
the windowmanger and some tools.  It is almost the same as the call to
fvwm2 or whatever windowmanager you used before.


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