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Re: -I- Re: mtools: mmove usage sorry, could not help...

On Wed, 4 Mar 1998, Carroll Kong wrote:

> 	I never could get the mtools to have full functionality... especially on
> logical drives in extended partitions for dos.  Is that how you do it?  just do
> a 
> mcopy a: /dos/e?  and it'll hunt for logical partition named E:?  I tried mcopy
> a: e: and no go (a while back in FreeBSD).

Yes, the DOS partition I access with E: under DOS is mounted on /dos/e.
I didn't setup a logical drive 'e:' for mtools under Linux (I'll try later
if that works).
'a:' is associated with /dev/fd0 in mtools.conf (as it is per default
after installing mtools).

> I got around it by just mounting my drives and manually copying them.... mmove
> should ignore perms and multiple file systems, 
> the mv command freaks out when i move from partition to partition because mved
> file retain old perms... so it makes sense that it'll 'fail' on a destination
> fat drive.

You can work around that, if you mount the FAT drive with option 'quiet'.
However, this isn't the reason for the error message.


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