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Re: 80M Thanks, and new question :)

If you have successfully run autoup.sh then you need to run dselect
(though do read the upgrade howto's, etc.).

Autoup.sh is designed to get you to the point where deselect CAN do the
upgrade.  One of the problems is that with the libc5 --> libc6 upgrade
many of the things that dselect/dpkg rely upon as a system are
interdependent.  Thus, the Autoup.sh checks the current status of some
very critical packages and then upgrades the packages that are essential
for dselect/dpkg to be able to complete the job.

When you run dselect you should notice that there will been a large set
of groups of packages that will be the catagory of "Updated Available"
(IIRC the heading title).  These are the packages that dselect 'thinks'
that should be upgraded on your system (based upon the packages
fundamental relationship to linux--ie:  essential packages as well as
based upon what packages you currently have installed, including
packages that you might not have had installed but are now dependencies
for such packages)

I suggest that you run dselect without making any changes to what
dselect has 'decided' that you need (except on the off chance that in
dependency resolution dselect has choosen an alternative that you don't
care for).

Once that has completed then add the development packages (or whatever
else) that you want on your system that are not installed.

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