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Re: Attn: Newbies Re: Random "Broken Pipe"

On Mon, 23 Mar 1998, E.L. Meijer (Eric) wrote:

[ snipped discussion of less vs. more ]

: Excellent comment, now let's go all the way and tell them newbie people
: how to _do_ it :)
: in bask/ksh: export PAGER less
: in csh/tcsh: setenv PAGER less

Excellent support :)  BTW, these lines could be placed in your
~/{.bash_profile,.profile,.cshrc} ... or /etc/{profile,cshrc}, although
then you're mucking about with etc config files :)

: This could change the behaviour of more programs that use a pager (can't
: think of any now, except a few I wrote myself).

One thing it will change is the behavior of 'make config' when
recompiling the kernel ... namely when you choose ``?'' to get more
information about that particular option.  ``less'' will make you choose
``q'' to get back to the config menu.  This is logical, but nevertheless
unexpected if you've made a kernel with ``more'' as the pager ...

FWIW, I always change my systems to use ``less'' as the default pager.
The users really seem to like it.

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