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Re: CNAME records (was: Re: dynamic DNS within a non-dynamic domain)

On Mon, 09 Mar 1998 20:23:06 CST, Rich Puhek wrote:
> The MX record (Mail eXchange) is on your DNS server. It's what points
> incoming mail for "<username>@foo.bar to the appropriate machine to handle
> the mail. What's worked for me is the following:
> mail			IN	A
> IN	MX	10	mail
> It's probably not quite kosher (also note that these are my internal DNS
> numbers), but it does work. I also have an 'A' record for 'debian' (the
> name of our box, real imaginative) pointing to 

Thanks.  I get the jist of what's going on here.  Further, I see Remco, 
who initiated this thread, has a static ip, and perhaps a 
semi-permanent net connection, so running his own DNS is perhaps 
feasible.  I, OTOH, am running a dialup networking connection, and 
running my own DNS would not be practical (or so I've been told).

This canonifying of hostnames sounded exactly like what was going on, 
so I read RFC-821.2 and this is entirely consistent with what seems to 
be happening:
   Once the transmission channel is established, the SMTP-sender sends a
   MAIL command indicating the sender of the mail.  If the SMTP-receiver
   can accept mail it responds with an OK reply.  The SMTP-sender then
   sends a RCPT command identifying a recipient of the mail.  If the
   SMTP-receiver can accept mail for that recipient it responds with an
   OK reply; if not, it responds with a reply rejecting that recipient
   (but not the whole mail transaction). 

However, this led me to wonder how I was able to send mail with bo for 
so long without problems.  Initially, I thought my configuration must 
have changed, but recently I've realized that implementation of the 
latest anti-spam MTA features across the 'net roughly coincided with my 
hamm upgrade, thus it may not be my configuration that changed -- I'm 
not sure.

At least this narrows the problem down to C_NAME lookup at my SMTP 
server send-time.  Now all I have to figure out is how to alleviate 
David Stern                          

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