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Cross Compilers Once More

     Scott Responded:
     >>Debian does not come with cross-compiling tools, since it is 
     >>impossible to anticipate the cross-compiling needs of our users.  
     >>You will have to build a cross-compiling system yourself, the gcc 
     >>and binutils packages from your favorate gnu mirror (ftp.gnu.org is 
     >>one) include directions on >>how to build a cross-compiling suite.
     I have documentation from GNU containing various info on building and 
     installing a cross compiler, but all the info pertains to GNU 
     directories on where to install various libraries, "start files", ect.
     Is there any faq or books for Debian that may give answers on where I 
     would install the components for building the cross compiler, or will 
     the GNU instructions work seamlessly with Debian Linux?

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