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Re: crt1.c

This is just a bit of guessing here.  It sounds like your messages have
to do with trying to compile crt1.o.  However, there are lots of other
possibilties.  It could be that the makefile uses command/syntax not
recognized by GNUmake

Do you know what the function of crt1.o is?  It is possible that this
file will not compile under Linux if it is specific to Irix (at least
not without some 'porting' effort).

Bruce Dobrin wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to compile a tool from Irix,  What I'm currently getting is a syntax type error in something called "crt1.o"  checked the source and the original stable release and it is distributed as crt1.o.  Does anyone know what this is and where I can get the uncompiled code?
> Thanks
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