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Re: 2.0.33 kernel and libc6 dependancies

>>"Jens" == Jens Ritter <jens@weh.weh.rwth-aachen.de> writes:

Jens> Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@datasync.com> answered:

Jens> Well kernel-source-2.0.32_*-5, can be removed then, but not
Jens> totally:

Jens> Lot´s of */.depend and other files do not get deleted, seems not
Jens> to be in the bug tracking system yet.

	If you did something in that directory to create the files
 (like run make depend), then yes, files shall be left over, and you
 should manually delete them.

	I had thought of having the postrm remove the dir on purge,
 but that seemed a trifle too risky; the postinst in that case would
 be making assumptions it has no right to make (namely, that it is
 safe to delete those files).

Jens> BTW: Is there a need to install kernel-headers-2.0.33-x then? I
Jens> think not, because in /usr/doc/kernel-source/README.headers.gz
Jens> it says that k-headers-2.0.32 will be the only package to
Jens> include the necessary symlinks.  Is that right?

	Not unless the libc dependency changes.


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