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Re:[solved] lpr and banner page

On Fri, 27 Mar 1998, pgarcia wrote:

> > IN printcap file I have :sh: so the banner page should not be printed.
> > On the other hand, when I try to print it prints some garbage on 1.5 page
> > and after that it prints the sent file. The garbage looks like a banner
> > page since it has user name, machine name, date... on it. 
> > Any ideas on how to suppress that would be appreciated.
> Try rearranging the entries in printcap.  The general layout of this file
> is described in man 5 termcap, where it says:
>        Although  there  is  no  defined order, it is suggested to
>        write first boolean, then numeric and at last string capa­
>        bilities,  each  sorted  alphabetically without looking at
>        lower or upper spelling.
> Arranging the entries in this order will probably do the trick.

Thank you.  It worked. Although, I must say, the order  does matter and 
'string' must go before 'boolean'. Anyway, after some juggling it works.

Thank you again,


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