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Debian article on bootNet.com

Hi all,

I thought the list might be interested to see that my buddies at Boot
Magazine finally posted my 12-Step article on the Web:


This article came into existence after I had been bugging my friend
who works at Boot about how they only write about software and
hardware for Windoze OSs.  They must of got sick of my nagging and
said "Ok, if Linux is so great, how about you write the next 12-step
on how to install it?  We'll even put a small distribution on the Boot

What could I do, say no?  Of course not!  So 3 days and 1800 words
later I gave them my best effort.

Now before anybody is tempted to nail me for any of the (small) errors
or (large) omissions that exist in the article, I'd like to say that I
don't claim to be a Unix, Linux or Debian expert, but I have dabbled
with it for a few years.  I just happened to be in the position to
support Debian, Linux and the open source software movement, so I gave
it my best shot.  Also remember that 1800 words (50% more than usually
is allotted for the 12-step) is a pretty tight squeeze for installing
Unix.  Finally understand that each of their 5 editors took a swipe at
it (improving it, mostly :) before it went to print.

Over all, I think it turned out pretty good.  The few mentions of the
article on this list seemed positive, so it looks like it helped the
cause more than hurt it.


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