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Re: DE-660 PCMCIA Card problems

damon@lenore.empire.net.au (Damon Muller) wrote:

> If anyone read my earlier message, I have resolved my problem of how
> to get the PCMCIA stuff onto a laptop without a CD-ROM or anything
> like that (just copied them off my windoze machine onto a floppy and
> mounted it as vfat on debian).

> Now I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck with getting a D-Link
> DE-660 PCMCIA Ethernet card running under Linux? This card is not
> on the supported list, but I believe it is an update of the DE-650,
> which is on the supported list.

> Anyway, I did RTFM (the PCMCIA-HOWTO), and followed the instructions,
> attempting to get it to run the same module as the 650 (pcnet_cs). This
> didn't work.

> After pottering around for a while, I eventual found my way to the
> daemon.log, in which the PCMCIA stuff is logged. This is included below,
> and to my (novice) eyes, it doesn't look very promising!

> BTW, I'm using Debian 1.3.1 (kernel 2.0.29), the PCMCIA-CS that was
> on the same CD and pcmcia-modules-2.0.29-7_2.9.6-3.deb.

> Any help would be muchly appreciated!

The PCMCIA modules have been compiled to accompany the kernel in the
kernel-image-2.0.29 package, which unfortunately for some reason,
is not the kernel used on the boot floppies.  If you install the
kernel-image-2.0.29 package, your PCMCIA card should work.

Unfortunately, the kernel-image-2.0.29 package is larger than one
1.4M floppy.  If you have access a Unix system, you can use the split
utility to break it into smaller parts, and you can reassemble them on
your laptop computer with cat (for example, cat xaa xab > kernel.deb;
dpkg -i kernel.deb).  If your stuck with Microsoft's products, I don't
know how to help you; I know of no obvious way to split a file into
multiple parts with DOS.

One more warning: make sure that your network configuration for your
PCMCIA card is in /etc/pcmcia/network.opts INSTEAD OF /etc/init.d/network.
In general, /etc/init.d/network should contain information only for the
loopback device when using a PCMCIA Ethernet card.


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