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[hamm] backspace not working in bash in xterm

[This mail had bounced back once.  Hopefully, it should work this time.]

I am running a hamm system with the latest updates.  For the past few
weeks ncurses-bin and ncurses-base upgrades were failing because
/usr/share/terminfo already existed.  I mv-ed /usr/shre/terminfo to
/usr/share/terminfo.bak and upgraded my ncurses-base and ncurses-bin.  I
also installed the Matrox X server from SuSE.

Since then I have noticed that my backspace has stopped working.  In the
case of tcsh I was able to get it back by 'set BACKSPACE ^H'  However,
getting it to work under bash is still a problem.  I tried 'stty erase
<backspace>'.  But all my computer does is beep when I click the
backspace (or delete) button.

I carried out various tests and have isolated the problem to
TERM=xterm.  backspace works fine in the console.

Am I right in assuming that the upgrade to XSuSE was the reason for the
problem?  How do I get backspace working again?  What files do I need to

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