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Re: Bye Bruce

manoj wrote:
>	Hmm. Elitism is not really a strong motivating force for
> me. Sharing with what I percive to be my community is. People asking
> questions is good: for people who ask questions shall one day be
> contributors to the community. Developers did not spring to this
> earth tapping code with both hands.
but this is not really what you said a few days ago. to quote:

    The thing that drives us is  that we feel a sense of community
  with people like us, who are like minded enough and have made the
  same commitments we have: to produce free software; and they have
  gone beyond lip service and actually come forth to stand up and be
  counted. We are not islands. We are a community. And outsiders fail
  to realize this. 

i don't think in that community you included any users. and then there
is that ugly word: outsiders. not that there is anything wrong with
being elitist. anyway, keep up the good work, i, and everybody else,
really appreciate it (even if i disagree strongly with some of your


| I believe the moment is at hand when, by a paranoiac and active |
|  advance of the mind, it will be possible (simultaneously with  |
|  automatism and other passive states) to systematize confusion  |
|  and thus to help to discredit completely the world of reality. |

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