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Re: kernel-image-2.4.19-i386-udeb-2.4.19 Re: Lack of wget-ssl Lack of wget-ssl (was: Accepted wget 1.8.1-6.1 (i386 source)) Last known forwarding address for Jared Johnson? last one, kernel-switching, microkernel, dynamically loading kernels. latest libc6 LED application A letter to the W3C (was: Re: Please Help Pass W3C Patent Policy) libc6 2.3.1-7 libpcap and libnet-pcap-perl library versioning: making upstream policy, need debian evaluation. Linda Easter Egg. Linux World NY 2003 Linux-NG Re: Linux-NG - dynamic loading Re: Linux-NG - security listmaster doesn't reflects debian-users-hungarian-list-creating-request Re: location of UnicodeData.txt lyx maintainer? Mail form cron man: /lib/ no version information available (required by man) Missing fields in control files mmap() More build problems on mips/mipsel (Branch out of range in .s) More spam than developer mail mount, bsdutils and util-linux for Woody broken? Mozilla Calendar? mutt co-maintainer needed named problems Need other languafes then english, german and french need some advise for a font package Re: New maintainer behaviour with NMU and LogJam's hijacking New maintainers requested Re: Next Debconf Non-DFSG-free package in main non-english speakers translating your own packages. non-us? Norton SystemWorks 2003 Holiday Sale Now!=NEW O: efax, efax-gtk O: translate-docformat -- any-to-any document translation system old, broken symbols in a new package's files... Ooops, my mistake (was Re: Why DDTP? shouldn't it be DPTP? (was Re: spanish translations in DDTP now)) Re: opening -private archives openwebmail update problems Oracle installer? package not entering testing Package with non-free build-depends Packages to run kernel 2.4.x on potato (release 27) Partial upgrade to unstable (was: Re: Updating to unstable/Gnome 2) Perl package now needs Python, too Re: Planned mass-filing of bugs: java packages only depending on java-common Re: Fwd: Please confirm your message please don't use glibc 2.3.1-6 on linux kernel 2.2 (2.4 is ok) Please Help Pass W3C Patent Policy Popcorn Vending Machine Porting Xconfigurator to Debian! Possible library versioning approach -- (evaluation requested) PostgreSQL packaging - help is needed Pre-linux Windows program - was Re: bill gates Linux preliminary DCC packages private debian pools problem libc6(2.3.1-[67]) + qmail Problem with kdenetwork build for unstable Problem with tetex-bin potato security build Problems with XFS patch and SMP Processed: foo Processed: Re: Bug#171720: general: Evolution1.2 does not compile on testing Processed: Re: Bug#173231: some messages flitting past on rebooting are not also seen in /var/log Re: project: virtual partial mirror with CGI/dpkg-repack project: vitual partial mirror with CGI/dpkg-repack Putting .so symlinks in libs package for dlopen()ing? racoon ISAKMP implementation for IPsec recursive build-depends or similar Re: Removing openuniverse in favor of celestia (keep a virtual package?) Removing openuniverse in favor of celestia (keep a virtual package?) Re: Removing openuniverse in favor of celestia (keep a virtualpackage?) replace lynx with (e)links in base RFA: cadaver RFA: dhelp - Debian Online Help System RFA: sted2 -- a fast, functional MIDI sequencer RFA: uw-imap, libmail-cclient-perl (fwd) Re: RFC for 'Request for Sponsorship' (RFS) The last update was on 10:17 GMT Fri Jun 21. There are 1692 messages. Page 3 of 4.

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