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Re: Fwd: Please confirm your message

In chiark.mail.debian.devel, you wrote:
>On Mon, Dec 02, 2002 at 08:18:46AM -0800, Stephen Zander wrote:
>> The above is based on the false premise that those who send spam are
>> incapable of sending it with (forged) real email addresses.  They
>> already have lots of them to choose from.
>But if they send the spam with a forged email address, the confirmation
>request won't be answered. 

In order to avoid this, spammers merely have to use a forged from
address that will generate an automatic response. There's no shortage of
those. abuse@lotsofplaces springs to mind, and I have no doubt that
there are many others. The spammers can therefore trivially circumvent
the anti-spam measure at no extra cost to themselves, while at the same
time causing even more inconvenience to everyone else. It's a stupid
idea and pandering to people who utilise it only makes things worse for

Matthew Garrett | mjg59-chiark.mail.debian.devel@srcf.ucam.org

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