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Re: private debian pools

On Monday, December 9, 2002, at 06:41  am, Joel Baker wrote:

I'd honestly prefer to see the actual archive scripts (The One True
Archiving Tools, of which all others must, by definition, be emulations) packaged and useable by mere mortals, but the last I'd heard, this was a
long way off, and not terribly high on most priority lists.

/me wonders whether some concept of namespaces in package names would be useful before we make it too easy for world + dog to run large repositories of .debs - Ximian was bad enough on its own, last I had to recover a system from someone using it... I dread to think how many versions of things like libgtksomeguicrapthatkeepsmakingabichanges (all mutually conflicting, and all required by something you *really need*) we'll end up with if people are easily able to maintain separate repositories.



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