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Re: Fwd: Please confirm your message

On 2002-12-03, Adam McKenna <adam@flounder.net> wrote:
>> Please enlighten me, anyway: Why is bouncing the full body of the
>> mail you received from a person who claims to be Adam back to Adam a
>> good idea?
> This is an implementation issue, not a philosophical issue.  

This is correct. The system still needs to have the sender acknowledge
that the message she sent is the one she is replying to, which requires
at sending at least a little of the message back; pieces of which can
be spam sent from a malicious user. TMDA source says so, too, in the

> Since I only use TMDA I can't speak for others but TMDA has a
> CONFIRM_MAX_MESSAGE_SIZE configuration variable, which will exclude
> the body of the message from the confirmation request if its size
> exceeds the defined value.  The default is 50k.

Right, and in TMDA there is also MAX_AUTORESPONSES_PER_DAY, which only
seems to consider messages per sender. I'm not quite convinced that such
a setup can not be abused as a spam reflector, useless as it may be (it
bounces the full headers), other than annoying a lot of people. (-:

Andreas Fuchs, <asf@acm.org>, asf@jabber.at, antifuchs
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