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Re:Possible library versioning approach -- (evaluation requested)

You do not need to use a table:
you can use 'explicit' soname:
    glibversion  guileversion  gwrap-glib-1-soname
        1.2          1.4       1-glib1.2-guile1.4
        1.2          1.6       1-glib1.2-guile1.6
        2.0          1.4       1-glib2.0-guile1.4
        2.0          1.6       1-glib2.0-guile1.6

I am not sure this is the right solution, but this scale much better than using
1,2,3,4.  and it will be easier to handle in the long run, and is
self-explanatory. Also the soname is not mixed with the name.

Bill. <ballombe@debian.org>

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