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Re: More spam than developer mail

In article <[🔎] 20021219105902.7c02a535.pa3aba@debian.org>,
Joop Stakenborg  <pa3aba@debian.org> wrote:
>Currently, the ratio developermail/spam is about 50/50,
>it is getting out of hand.
>Can we make this a close list? Please?

On lists I run, I put spamassassin in front of it. Mail is only
filtered through spamassassin for non-members. Also,
all messages with an attachment that looks binary get dropped.
It wouldn't be too hard to add heavy RBL filtering for non-member
submissions as well.

That way, members can post to the list without much restrictions,
all other legitimate mail will get through most of the time
as well, and there's almost no spam and no viruses.

They all laughed when I said I wanted to build a joke-telling machine.
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