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Re: location of UnicodeData.txt

John Hasler writes:
> Thomas Bushnel writes:
> > A program can use the algorithms specified by Unicode without any copying
> > of Unicode, and can thus be entirely free.
> What is UnicodeData.txt for?  Do programs actually use it in some way, or
> is it just a reference for programmers, like the description of a protocol?

UnicodeData.txt is a listing of every character in Unicode, its name, 
how it combines with other characters, whether it's left to right 
right to left or other, what type of character it is, what the capital/lowercase/titlecase version of it is, and every other normative
property of a Unicode character, in a format to be read by programs. If
you run most algorithms specified by Unicode, like normalization, 
capitalization or the bidirectional algorithm, you do it with the use of
the data from UnicodeData.txt, whether you copied it from there or copied
it from the Unicode book. 

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