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Re: racoon ISAKMP implementation for IPsec

On Tue, Dec 03, 2002 at 08:01:02AM -0800, Steve Dunham wrote:
> No ITP, but I did manage to get this to compile against the 2.5.50
> kernel source tree.  It seems to work, but the other side of my
> tunnel is down at the moment (he upgraded his kernel but didn't
> rebuild freeswan).

Cool, thanks.  I've filed the ITP and will possibly make an upload once
I've managed to test things.  I might hold off, though, until Alexey
separates the IPsec tools from iputils, which he said he'll do.  It
shouldn't matter, considering that these tools and the kernel they
support are under heavy development....

> You'll also need the setkey program from iputils to do IPSEC.  Both
> of these (and the library) need headers from a recent kernel source
> tree.

Yeah, I'm pretty familar with the KAME IPsec tools, having used them on
Free and NetBSD.  I'm actually really excited to see them available for
Linux, as I much prefer them to FreeS/WAN.  I'll probably build a
libipsec package and an ipsec-tools package, or something like that.  I
haven't thought too deeply about it yet.

> I've attached my changes to get racoon to compile, in case you're
> interested.  Mostly tweaks because our glibc has functions that
> the source doesn't think __linux__ has.

Cool, thanks.


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